Foxy Brown Shares Her Love For Spragga Benz & Not Everyone Is Happy About It

In recent times it seems as if social media is the go to place for even celebrities to share their feelings. Earlier today rapper Foxy Brown did just that in a very touching message about her undying love for dancehall superstar Spragga Benz. Per her instagram page Queen “Ill Na Na” posted:



While many fans shared kind words and gushed in the obvious love written within her words one particular person made it know she highly disapproved. Under the Instagram name Inspiredaily82 one woman who claims to be the girlfriend and one of the mothers of Spragga Benz’s children expressed her displeasure with Inga’s moment of clarity.


What’s your take on Foxy Brown’s message of love? Could this lead to a reunion? #Leaveacommentbelow