Police Interview Female In Infamous ‘Marvin The Dancer’ Video (Video Included)

Source: Loop Jamaica

Authorities recently launched a probe into a ‘performance’ involving dancehall personality ‘Marvin the dancer’ and his associates.

The footage which appeared last week shows Marvin the Dancer and his cronies chasing the female. In the video, it appears the she tries to leave but is overrun by the men who force themselves on her while gyrating. At one point they place a bucket over her head and pound on it.

According to reports the female in the video has been questioned by authorities but no formal charges have been laid against the entertainer to date.

The dancer took to social media outlet ‘instagram’ to somewhat apologize for the incident, but some believe the apology wasn’t for disrespecting women but a ‘poor performance’.  He also changed his name… Well, sorta!

marvin-the-dancer-may16-1-696x389He Wrote On Instagram: “Because of my daughter I’m now changing my name from the (expletive) beast to the beast,”

I love all the people in the world and I’m so sorry if you all think me and my team do a bad job last week in Jamaica and I hope you all accept my apology, I will be more careful with my dancing now One Love to you all from me.

Daily Mail – A British Publication blasted social media website Facebook for not removing the video until it was viewed some 1.8 million times and shared 15,500 times.