Reggae Newcomer Keznamdi Achieves iTunes & Billboard Chart Success

He isn’t just a cutie ladies, his sound is just as infectious as that smile. Meet Keznamdi a very charismatic singer and performer with a rich history in music.

Excerpts From His Bio:This is not a choice or hobby for me, Music chose me. It’s a way of life and the only thing I have ever known,” explains a passionate Keznamdi, describing why his path has already been carved out in stone.
Keznamdi recorded his first song at 5 years old, “Mix a Color” an educational song about color mixing, inspired by his mother’s background in early childhood education at Harvard University. Already a natural performer and crowd pleaser on stage, he jumped at the opportunity to perform “Mix a Color” at his mom’s album release tours for her popular children’s album “Save the World” which became a viral hit in primary schools across Jamaica.

Fast forward to today, Keznamdi’s singles ‘Champion’ is currently #1 on the iTunes Reggae Chart and  ‘As Crazy As It Gets‘, featuring electronic musician and artiste Zhu, has entered the Billboard Dance/Electronic charts at number 19.

Keznamdi said he got the call from Zhu after he performed in LA this past February. “He said he liked the performance and wanted to do something with me for his album. Two months later, he flew us out to LA and we recorded four tracks over two days,

He {Zhu} is not into doing interviews, does not do dubs etc. So before we went into the studio with him, we had to be searched to ensure that there were no cameras or cellphones. We got into studio from the crack of dawn until long into the night and came out with the four tracks. He called me later and told me that it was As Crazy As It Gets that would make the album,” he said.