Journeys with Nikki Z: Episode 1

This weekend, I travelled to a place called Island Gully Falls. Gully Falls is a derivative of the famous Blue Hole, located in Ocho Rios, St Ann.

“Now, I have to advise you, if you have a high-end or low-riding vehicle, you should consider travelling by taxi or a chartered bus as the road to the falls is more like a very rocky trail than a drivable road or pathway. However, driving there is a major part of the excitement as you see various vendors selling their water shoes, towels and brownies (yes, brownies). When you arrive at the falls, you are instantly greeted by the various tour guides stationed for your safety. On my trip, I had the pleasure of having my tour led by Alex and Val, who went above and beyond to ensure that this journey was not only fun but safe as well.” Read More