Journeys with Nikki Z: Episode 2

For today’s journey, I put away the swimwear and took a trip to Portmore’s newest hotspot, Buzzers.

Buzzers can easily be described as a gamer’s paradise, a place where you can bring your entire family and everyone leaves with a smile. When I pulled up to the massive building at 6 p.m., it was already packed with kids and parents. One of the hardest decisions to make at Buzzers is, “What do I do first?” Race cars, bikes, defeat zombies, shoot some hoops? Or how about a little 5D?

I actually began my tour in a room dubbed ‘The Vault’. This room is mainly for private rentals and gamers who prefer to game without hearing the exciting sounds from the main gaming area. Outfitted with three TV’s and as many controllers as needed, ‘The Vault’ is not only popular with game lovers, but sports enthusiasts as well. I had the pleasure of playing FIFA with owner and creator of Buzzers, Tyrone Williams, who not only opened Buzzers in Portmore but, within six months’ has managed to open a second Buzzers in Manor Park, Kingston. He then led us to one of the two 5D rooms. Now, these rooms are not for the faint of heart. Most of us have heard of 3D, but not 5D. 5D adds in two more elements, a room that moves with the video and surprises that fall from the sky, or in this case the ceiling.Read More