Journeys with Nikki Z: Episode 3

I remember as a kid watching a movie called ‘The Blue Lagoon’ starring the beautiful Brooke Shields.

The movie depicted the story of two kids shipwrecked on an island and with no adults to guide them into maturity. At the time I had no idea that this barrier-breaking film was shot right here on our beautiful island of Jamaica.

Blue Lagoon is by far the most famous location in Port Antonio not only for the Academy Award-nominated film shot there, but it is rumoured that the lagoon is bottomless and may even have a dragon of some sort which resides deep within.

Now, I am not too sure about the dragon, but I can tell you the mix between fresh and salt water makes this spot a cut above the rest. If you are not the strongest swimmer I suggest you bring life jackets so you can truly experience the lagoon in it’s entirety.” Read More¬†